Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence gets a $100 million Boost

Mon 20th July 2015 @ 22:14 -

Today at London's Royal Society Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has announced a 100 million dollar project to provide one of the most comprehensive hunts for alien communications to date which could in turn lead to an answer of the age old question, 'are we alone in the universe?'. The initiative w...

New Website for 2015

Thu 16th July 2015 @ 10:34 -

We are delighted to launch the new website, this new website marks 10 years since APRAI started in it's first form under ufo-ireland.com which then changed to ufoi.org which finally changed to aprai.org which it is now. It has been a very interesting 10 years and there have been many debates and dis...

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