Cassini Snaps Earth From Saturn - Aerial Phenomena Research Association of Ireland

The Cassini probe snaps Earth in a photo which includes Saturn's rings.

Through scientific investigation and research our aim is to find the underlining causes behind the unidentified aerial phenomena and any related phenomena. This aerial phenomena has been around for hundreds of years with drawings on cave walls to pictures from ancient Egypt to stories in the bible. There are many ideas already to the source of this aerial phenomena but there is no hard evidence to prove any of them at this time. With that said, many of these aerial phenomena incidents can be explained by experimental military aircraft, meteors burning up in our atmosphere, ball lighting or even planets visible in the night sky. The cases that interest us are those that can't be explained by conventional means.

We are interested in the aerial phenomena incidents where the object(s) seem to be intelligently controlled, that have been seen doing precise manoeuvres which are impossible for any known craft at this time. We are also interested in cases of close encounters or other such experiences.

  • To offer an easy to use way to report a sighting/incident
  • To document and investigate all reported incidents we receive
  • To offer resources relating to the UFO and related phenomena free of charge

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